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Cookie Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup

CHF 119.00
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Designed with safety in mind, the Fuel chin cup provides the utmost comfort with the stability you are looking for.

Choose between Cutaway or Non Cutaway with either the handle or the lock (both parts supplies as standard). All this with no tools.

The Fuel chin cup is available in all twelve colors as your Fuel headgear so pic the same or mix and match it, there are 121 combinations available.





• Coolmax™ chin pad. A breathable and high-performance wicking material that feels soft against the skin.

• Low profile and easy to access cutaway handle.

• Requires minimum force to engage, even under heavy load. 

• Quickly converts to a fixed system, without any tools, for the times you don’t need a cutaway system.

• Tested under the Fédération Française de Parachutisme’s standards.


The color Black we have in stock, all other colors can be ordered by choosing pre-order.

When ordered it will take about 4-6 weeks until delivery.



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