Cypres Maintenance

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The CYPRES maintenance contains much more than what you typically expect from a maintenance procedure.

For instance it involves actions to adjust the units capability to deal with new or changed conditions in our sport or even with

changed conditions in the evironment (e.g. increasing number of weather events with very low humidity).


What a CYPRES-2 Maintenance Includes:

Repair of wear or tear


Data analysis


Complete inspection

Adjustments to altered evironmental conditions

Adjustment to changed conditions in the sport

Extreme temperature tests

Temperature cycling tests

Temperature stability check and adjustment

Shielding check

Cutter testing

Battery replacement (no extra cost)

Filter replacement

Applicable software updates


Applicable Hardware upgrades

Artificial aging of new components


Complete calibration and analysis

Flight performance testing (activation/non-activation)

Power consumption test and analysis

Output power verification

Waterproof testing

Final functional testing


Maintenance ensures reliability when you need it most. At Airtec, we do not view maintenance as an inconvenience,

but as a needed action to reach for 100% (not 99%) reliability*. Due to continued difficulties with customs regulations

in various countries, many CYPRES owners have had difficulty sending and receiving their CYPRES units for maintenance.

As a result, we have decided to change the CYPRES maintenance policy from ‘mandatory’ to ‘recommended’. To make it

even more clear for our customers and to dispel any doubt, we say the maintenance is ‘voluntary’.

This policy is in affect exclusively for units manufactured after January 1st 2016.


For units with DOM 12/15 and earlier the maintenance is mandatory to be performed 4 and 8 years after the

original DOM. Service Life is 12.5 years.

For units made in 2016 the maintenance can be performed on a voluntary basis 4 and 8 years after original DOM.

Service Life is 12.5 years.

For units with DOM 01/17 and later the maintenance can be performed on a voluntary basis 5 and 10 years after

the original DOM. Service Life is 15.5 years.


How to determine the date of your next recommended CYPRES Maitenance:

Method 1: When accessing the CYPRES unit’s information after turn on, there is a feature that displays the next

recommended maintenance date. Refer to section 4.5 of the User’s Guide for instructions on how to perform this.


Method 2:Locate the unit’s DOM and calculate 5/10 years for units manufactures later than 01.01.2017

(4/8 years for earlier units) from the date +/- 6 months for the recommended maintenance window.


The DOM can be found several different ways:

on the processing unit (black box),

the CYPRES 2 Test Certificate that came with your new CYPRES,

check your reserve packing data card – some riggers record this information there


If you got any questions or want to send your Cypres to Airtec contact us.

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