FlySight Aluminum Mount

CHF 66.00
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This mount has been machined from solid aluminum. The mount can be secured to the helmet using

the supplied VHB tape, or by inserting screws into the mounting holes.


The FlySight is held in place using a strap and camming buckle, which can be removed when not

in use, leaving only the low profile mount on the helmet. The mount is available in several models,

built to fit different helmets.


To determine which model fits your helmet, take a look at the sizing guide, and use the included

template to mesaure your mounting surface.

This mount is available in Flat, 90-90, 110-110, and 141-141 models.



Sizing guide:


Flat (Any Flat-Top or Flat-Side Helmet)

90-90 (G3, G4, Pro-Tec, Optik)

110-110 (G3, Tonfly, Factory Diver, Pro-Tec, MXV, Gas, Optik)

141-141 (G3, Tonfly, Fuel, KISS, Phantom X/XV, Factory Diver, Gas, Ozone, MXV, Pro-Tec)


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