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The Flysight GPS was specially developed for wingsuit fliers but is also a great tool for canopy pilots.

In addition to the classic GPS memory function, this device offers even more remarkable options.

It can also report the glide ratio in real time via acoustic signals to the wingsuit pilot.

FlySight handles the dynamics of free fall exceptionally well. The GPS device can be turned on a few minutes before

exit and begins providing audible feedback immediately after exit. An accelerated learning process is guaranteed.


When you change your body position, you immediately hear the change in tone. Your brain connects this

feedback to your body position, making it astonishingly easy to remember what worked and what did not.

"I highly recommend the FlySight," says Jeff Nebelkopf, Chief Wingsuit Test Pilot for Tony Suits.

"It is a great training tool and logs 5 points per second. Like any GPS there is about a 1 second lag time.

Once you do a few jumps with it your glide ratio or speed should improve."


“The 5Hz sample rate, accuracy, and small size have made the FlySight an effective tool for swoop training,"

says competitive canopy pilot Dan Raymond. "I use it to track key performance metrics and to generate

a detailed 3D view of the entire swoop.”



Software for the evaluation of stored data:

FlySight Viewer




Scope of delivery:

The FlySight GPS receiver ships with a 512MB microSD card, a mini USB cable and a user manual.


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