Cypres 2

CHF 1,420.00
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Airtec is the manufacturer of the most modern electronic opening device on the market and brought
with the Cypres during the past 25 Years additional safety in to our sport.

The Cypres 2 with its lifetime of 15.5 years is the worlds most reliable opening device. The device
determined the height and fall velocity precisely through continuous analysis of air pressure and six
other parameters.

The Cypres 2 Expert conducts the opening of the reserve container below an altitude of 225 meter
and a falling velocity of 35 m/s.
Today the Cypres 2 is indispensable in a parachute system and on many dropzones in the world the
jump is only permitted when having an AAD (Automatic Activation Device).


Available in different models: Expert / Speed ​​/ Student / Tandem / Changeable Mode
(The user guide is available in 6 languages)
Available in ft or meter
Easy to use
Automatically performs a self-test each time it is turned on
It does not have to be turned off after use
Automatically compensated weather changes during the day
Initiates the reserve opening with its own resources
Activates at the lowest height possible
Extremely accurate
Requires only minimal attention
Very small (139 cc)
Very light (182 grams) and extremely robust
Maintenance necessary only after five and ten years
Reminds automatically on upcoming maintenance
Maintenance can be performed 6 months prior and up to 6 months after the exact date of service.
No battery change required
Waterproof for 15 minutes up to 15 meters depth
Height difference visible on display
Allows to adjust a higher or lower altitude of the landing site

When returning an old Cypres you get 60 CHF
credit on your new Cypres device!
Scope of delivery:
The Cypres 2 to will be delivered with a user manual and a test certificate of the device in a padded box.
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