Viso/Ares Sew-On Pocket

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This mounting pocket is a solid but flexible mount made of polymer and custom shaped

for your Viso, Viso II, Viso II+ or Ares altimeter. Mount the pocket according to your needs

such as on your chest pad, glove or suit sleeve. You can fix the L&B Sew-On Pocket almost

everywhere. For fixing the pocket a few holes in the outer edge of the plastic holder are

enough to sew it on.


Note: The L & B Sew-On pocket is not waterproof.


Scope of delivery:

The Viso/Ares wedge mount comes with the L&B tool, which is made for inserting  and

extracting your altimeter. This special tool made of durable nylon impregnated plastic

can also be used as a packing tool to close the main container. To support the traction

you insert the pull up cord using the slit on the side of the tool and rotate it.



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