Peeksteep Spike

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Peeksteep has reinvented the skydive container closing tool in a variety of colors!

This is the ultimate main container closing tool for skydivers. Made of stainless steel with a spectra line.


If you want to stand out from the crowd this packing tool is exactly for you. Match the color of your style

and you will not be guessing which packing tool is yours.


It is made from the strongest stainless steel, so even the strongest men will not be able to bend it.

The Spike is threaded through the closing loop and then threaded through each grommet as you

close each flap.


The Spike is also a great rigging tool for installing soft links, bumpers and similar projects. The Spike is

manufactured with a 44cm length cord, which is the perfect length skydivers closing sport and tandem rigs.

The Spike bar is 9 cm in length.


Choose from Green, Orange, Black, White, Blue and Pink.


When not in use, many skydivers wear the Spike as a necklace!


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