Kroop's Goggle Boogie

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The Kroop's Goggle Boogie is a version of the Kroops original which is lighter, better ventilated and offers a

very good field of view. Under these skydiving goggles fits almost any low profile glasses. Made from a single

piece of plastic, the Kroop’s Google Boogie offers full view in all directions without much distortion.

For over 30 years, these glasses have been proven and established in the skydiving world.


The Kroop family name has long been known in the world of air sports. In the 1950s, Israel Kroop invented the

first safety glasses and since then the Kroop brand with its products is known for exceptional American quality.


When tightened the Kroop’s Google adapts by their soft PVC edge flexible to any face shape.



Excellent field of vision

Multiple vent holes

Comfortable and flexible edge

Available with different Frame colors

Lens in Clear or Tinted


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